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North Monterey High School Marching Band Tour to China 2009

As a high school band director of 38 years, I have taken my bands on 23 tours to Washington, D.C., Hawaii, Canada, Oregon, Washington State, Italy, and three times to China. Working with Asia Holiday Travel the last ten years has been an absolute privilege. Of all the travel agencies we have used, Asia Holiday Travel is by far the best travel agency for moving high school students throughout Asia. The quality of service, housing, transportation, and meals, is far superior to any other tour agency. Kids stay in four and five star hotels, two to a room, three meals a day, airline arrangement for the students ease that include moving extra equipment and instrument, and most importantly, for a performing group-- enjoy some of the finest performance venues and student exchanges our students will ever experience in a lifetime. Asia Holiday Travel is by far the finest travel agency to serve music education in todays' world.

D.L. Johnson
Band Director
Martin Luther King High School Marching Band and Northland Dance School Tour to China 2008 Summer Olympics

I would like to thank you for the wonderful trip to China. The second hotel and city we stayed at was like a 12 star hotel. My students and I will never forget the police escort through the city. Your tour guides and bus drivers were outstanding people. I truly thank you for allowing us to join the dance company and tour during the Olympics. I have traveled to London, Switerland, Japan, Hawaii and Africa and this was the best trip of all.

Victoria Miller
Director of Bands
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Senior High School
Hawaii Kamehameha High School Marching Band Tour to China 2006

The China tour was indeed fabulous! They went nuts for the Kamehameha Band doing Phantom of the opera Field Show and even more so at the indoor hula shows! Great friendly people everywhere. It was indeed a benchmark.

John Riggle
Band Director
Travel to China with rich cultural exchange
performances and VIP treatment by Chinese
Government Invitation and Subsidy
Dear Band Directors,

Asia Holiday Travel is a professional American student cultural exchange service. We organize exactly what you want for your road to China based on our decade of experience (since 1998).
With Chinese government's support, Asia Holiday Travel can get you a total of $500 government subsidy to every each one of these 7 different programs. The prices now start from $2,520 ($3,020 - $500) to $3,130 ($3,630 - $500), Tour price includes airline fuel surcharges, U.S. & China government taxes & fees. Land portion only prices include China domestic flights & airline fuel surcharge, taxes & fees. These prices are also good for the none-band members who wish to join with the group, such as parents, fans, chaperons and school staffs. For detailed programs with prices, please visit our website @, the prices shown on the website are after Government Subsidiary discount. The people of China will be enriched by performances of your fine ensemble and we hope that you will accept our invitation. Please see below the actual official Government invitation letter with official red seal and the translation of the invitation on the side.

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Directors' pre-trip available, please call for more information.

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These programs are good for both the school band and choir, as well as drama, dance and all school clubs.

Tour Features:
  • Cultural exchanges performance with local Chinese students at the school art center or theater.
  • VIP banquets hosted by the local dignitaries from the government.
  • Newspaper and TV news coverage.
  • One free of charge (FOC) out of every 25 Pax. (limited 8 Pax only)
  • Sightseeing with English speaking guides, 4 or 5 star hotels with all meals, evening entertainments.
To get your trip advisory from our top China Travel program consultants, please contact
Mr. D.L Johnson Band Director 831-229-9320
Mr. Edward Pio Global Music Consultants 831-206-0450
Bird's Nest Stadium built for 2008 Beijing Olympics

To see what we have done for our recent China trip by photos, please visit our gallery.

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Thank you for considering travel with Asia Holiday Travel.

K.C. Ma
Asia Holiday Travel

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